Here’s an online advert made for Fish4Dogs for their new luxury range of treats. The treats are pure squid without any additives so the aim was to promote the purity of the food and the tongue in cheek nature of treating your dog to the fine dining experience. Fish4Dogs came with the central idea of high class dogs in a restaurant, and their new branding was pretty strong. Taking those as inspiration, it was a fairly easy process taking that forward.

Written and Animated by Louis Hudson

Voices: Myles McLeod and Sinead Keenan

Sound Design: Pete Styles

Dialogue recording: Tom Angell

Music: ‘Royal Garden Party’ by David Tobin / Jeff Meegan / Jim Gailloreto. Published by Audio Network.

A fair amount of time was spent choosing particular breeds of dogs that suited the character’s personality types. Meanwhile I settled on a UPA style of design that lent itself to a sense of style and comedy.