BBC Comedy asked me to animate to a rap by the very clever Dan Bull to commemorate John Lennon’s 70th Birthday and a blue plaque unveiling, as well as coinciding with the 30th anniversary of his death. After working out how to avoid some massive copyright litigation parties, I smashed it out in about 3 days. All animated and prettified in Flash.

Dan crams in as many John Lennon/Beatles songs and albums into the narrative as possible. So as big Beatles fans it was fun to geek out all over this baby, and of course I managed to shoehorn in a bit of nudity and a scat-laugh.

There’s always something you could alter, but we’re pretty chuffed with how it turned out with the small amount of time we had. It turns out we’re not the only one’s who were chuffed, with the video being featured on BBC Online’s homepage, and it being picked up by Yoko Ono!